1. Can I know about the Startup Launcher Program ?

This is a joint program by TEZ and ASPIRE (which houses 3 incubators at University of Hyderabad) . It is certified by TEZ and ASPIRE. So far 17 cohorts have gone through the program.

2. For whom is this program?

This program is for aspiring Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Students, Researchers, Innovators, family business, consultants, solopreneurs, womenpreneurs, to support them to startup in a structured way. It includes, Mentorship sessions and one on one Consultancy.  

3. How is this program different from others?

Most similar entities are giving only training/mentorship of are only in consulting or services. Some are just one time advisory to help you participate in some competition or in some funding event. This program gives you a one-stop shop for mentorship, expert consultancy and subsidized services which includes fund facilitation. The entire program is packaged to take care of all your startup needs and challenges and nurture you as our own startups.

4. How long is the Program for?

The program runs sessions and consultancy for 3 months . Post that we offer support to startup for another 3 months in the form of support services and handholding to launch. In effect we incubate/accelerate  startups officially for 6 months and otherwise throught their journey as we consider them our startups. ( Startups from 2015 Cohort also keep coming back to us for support they require)

5. Do I have to pay for the program or is it free?

It is a paid program. There is a fee which will be conveyed to you by the counsellor.

6. What is the medium of instructions in the program?

The common sessions/masterclasses are usually taken in English. The one on one deep dive sessions can be in taken in Hindi and telugu too.

7. Is there any age limit or qualifications for this program?

No, there is no age limit and you can take the program at any age. As per qualifications, although we prefer graduates but it’s not a hard and fast rule. If you have the passion and perseverance to startup, you can claim a seat.

8. What is the structure of the program ?

The program has 3 components

  1. Mentorship sessions – 12-15 sessions – 40-45 hrs
  2. Consultancy (Deep dive, 1 on 1 sessions) – 12-15 hrs.
  3. Support Services – Prototyping support, Company Incorporation, Regulatory Documentation & Licenses, Business Plans, DPRs, Financial Projections, Pitch deck, Investor Connects, Fund Facilitation, Term Sheets, Financial Structuring, etc ( as required on case to case basis on subsidized charges)


9. What is the mode of delivery?

The Mentorship sessions are mostly online (post Pandemic) and the Consultancy (Deep dive) Sessions are the choice of the startup. You can opt for online or face to face.

10. How often do we meet for sessions?

All mentorship sessions are on Sat (normally between 10 am – 1 Pm). The Deep Dive sessions are on Thursdays ( 10am- 1pm) – You have to book you slot of 30-45 mins, by Tue 5pm- with a description of the kind of support required so as to fix right experts )

11. Where are the face-to-face meetings held?

We have 2 locations where we can hold in person meetings – one at Paradise,  Secunderabad and the other at Gachibowli in University of Hyderabad

12. What is the content of the Program?
The program covers all the important aspects of starting up. The topics covered will be :

Week 1: Essentials of Entrepreneurship & Startup Basics
Week 2:  Market opportunity; Idea Identification & Assessment
Week 3: Lean Canvas & Idea Validation
Week 4: Identifying Value proposition & Customer Validation
Week 5: Minimum Viable Product & Product-Market fit
Week 6: Business Model – The 9 critical blocks
Week 7: Identifying a relevant Revenue Model
Week 8: Identifying marketing channels & Go-to-Market Strategy
Week 9: Managing Startup Finances/ Budgeting
Week 10: Financial Projections & Business Valuation
Week 11: Business Plan and Pitch Deck
Week 12: Fundas of Funding & Investor Readiness
Week 13: Statutory & Regulatory Compliances
Week 14: Branding, PR & Image Building

13. What are the highlights of the program?
  1. Mentoring by Entrepreneurs, Industrialist, Consultants & Investors,
  2. Focussed hand holding with 1 on 1 Consultancy
  3. Support Services to launch
  4. Investor connect, Pitch to Investors/Funds/Grants,
  5. Create Networks & Partnerships 
14. What impact will the program have?
  • Mentoring support can give right direction
  • You start with right processes and not in a haphazard way.
  • and other support services 
  • Investor connects and Fund Facilitation
  • Link to Market Access
  • Great networks in the ecosystem
  • Peer group support in the cohort

Co-founder & Team identification

15. Do you help in funding ?

We help you get investor ready – with business plans and pitch deck and give connects with investors and banks who fund startups. We help with Angel  &  VC networks, HNI networks  and Bank and NBFCs who support startup funding. In some cases we may directly fund as well.

16. How has been your success rate ?

We have so far mentored around 200 startups in SLP and Agribusiness Startup Program (done in collaboration with AIP-ICRISAT). About 60% have startup and rest are in process. About 15 of them have received funding from different sources.

17. Will I get a certification after the program ?

If you have the required attendance and submit all your assignments, you will be certified by TEZ and ASPIRE @Uo

18. Are they any concessions for students?

Only UoH students get a concession. Others have to pay full fee in one instalment. However some students who come in with brilliant , innovative ideas which TEZ/ASPIRE is interested in, may be considered for a student concession.

For any further queries please mail at tez.co.in @gmail.com